Asynchronous Crowdsourced Education for Clinical Ultrasound

Clinicians and Students: The Best of Free Open Access Medical (FOAM) education for Clinical Ultrasound (CUS).  

  1. Targeted FOAM learning on a particular CUS Application for rapid review now.  
  2. Complete the Recommended Reading Quizzes to become an ACE Top Gun on our Scoreboards, humiliate your peers, and be immortalized in ACE4CUS Glory!

Educators: A Free comprehensive FOAM CUS curriculum.
  1. Comprehensive resident rotation and year long learning plans with objectives, educational methods, and assessment measures. 
  2. Techniques and tools for brewing your own FOAM and incorporating FOAM into your current curricula.
Check out Learning Plan for more information. Contact to receive ACE4CUS ID numbers and begin using for your trainees.

Latest and Greatest in FOAM for CUS: 

Consensual Light Relex: Ocular Ultrasound with Jacob Avila

Triple Scan for that SOB! by The EMC. Inspiring Medutainment from Chris Hahn at Highlands!

TedMED Talk - Clinical Ultrasound: A Game Changer in Patient Care and Medical Education by Resa Lewiss.

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